The GUCR serves as the official representative of the Republican Party on the campus of Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Our mission shall be, but is not limited to, promoting the ideals and precepts of the Republican Party as enumerated in the Party Platform, educating the Georgetown community on current political issues, and providing opportunities to become involved in Republican Party politics and activities.


Brady Marzen.jpeg

Brady Marzen


Brady (SFS '22) is from New York city, New York. He is majoring in IPOL with a concentration in International Security. 


Julio Salmeron

Chief of Staff

Julio (SFS '22) is originally from El Salvador and resides in Washington DC. He majors in IPOL with an International Law concentration.

Meredith Lambert.JPG

Meredith Lambert 


Meredith (SFS '24) is from Fort Worth, Texas. She enjoys dancing and plans to major in International Politics. 

Greg Brew.jpeg

Greg Brew

Director of External Affairs

Greg (COL '24) is from Allendale, New Jersey. He is currently undecided about his major and enjoys hiking.

Elizabeth Holland.jpg

Elizabeth Holland

Director of Campus Affairs

Elizabeth (SFS '23) is from Wake Forest, North Carolina. A Georgetown cheerleader, she plans to major in International Politics. 

David Park.JPG

David Park

Director of Membership

David (MSB '23) is from Madison, Alabama. He likes to cook.


Thomas Machetto

Vice President

Thomas (SFS '23) is from Chappaqua, New York. Majoring in International Politics, he also enjoys learning languages.


Bora Balçay

Deputy Chief of Staff

Bora (SFS '23) is from Turkey (Asia Minor, as he calls it). He is pursuing a degree in International Politics. 

Michael Gray.jpg

Michael Gray


Michael (SFS '24) is from Oakland, California. He is pursuing a degree in International Politics.

Grace Xu.JPG

Grace Xu

Director of Communications

Grace (SFS '23) is from Atlanta, Georgia. She majors in International Politics and likes to play tennis.

Katie Henderson.jpeg

Katie Henderson

Freshman Representative

Katie (COL '24) is from Old Saybrook, Connecticut. She majors in biochemistry on the pre-med track, with a minor in psychology.